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Christmas Bible Reading Plan - Day 22

Join us for a summary walk through of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Journey toward Christmas Day with a renewed vision and appreciation for the life of Jesus Christ. Each day you will find a link to the Bible passage for that day and helpful resources for your study.

December 22. Read Luke 2:21-35.

The man mentioned here is named Simeon (Luke 2:25), the same as one of Israel's tribal ancestors (Genesis 29:33). Over hundreds of years, Israel was given prophecies predicting the arrival of a Savior. This Mashiyach, or "Messiah," was predicted to be the One to win a final victory over evil and to restore Israel for all eternity (Jeremiah 23:5; Isaiah 9:6–7; 40:1–5; 57:18). Simeon is one of the Israelites expectantly longing to see this figure arrive.

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Common Questions:
Who was Simeon in the Bible?
Was Jesus circumcised?
Is Jesus the only way to Heaven?

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