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The Christian and Holidays

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Religious and Secular

Should a Christian celebrate holidays?

What are holy days?

Should Christians celebrate birthdays?

What sort of New Year's Resolution should a Christian make?

What is Epiphany / Three Kings' Day and should Christians celebrate it?

What is the origin of Valentine's Day and should Christians celebrate it?

Who was Saint Patrick and why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Should Christians celebrate Passover?

What is Ascension Day?

What is Pentecost Sunday?

What is Trinity Sunday?

What should be the focus of Christians on Thanksgiving?

Should a Christian celebrate Hanukkah (Christmaskah)?

What is Kwanzaa? Should a Christian celebrate Kwanzaa?

What is Michaelmas?

What is Juneteenth? How should a Christian celebrate Juneteenth?


Christmas Bible reading plan

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Is Christmas a pagan holiday?

Do some Christmas traditions have pagan origins?

How should Christians respond to the War on Christmas?

Should we have a Christmas tree?

Does giving gifts take away from the true meaning of Christmas?

Is Christmas related to Saturnalia?

What should parents tell their children about Santa Claus?

What is an advent calendar? How does an advent calendar relate to Christmas?

What is Christmastide?

Is it wrong to say "Xmas" instead of "Christmas"?

What is the origin of Christmas?

What is a Christmas nativity?

What is Advent?

What are Chreasters?

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Who/what is Krampus and what does it have to do with Christmas?

What is Yule, and what does it have to do with Christmas?

Is the little drummer boy in the Bible?


What is Carnival?

What is Shrove Tuesday?

What is the origin of Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras?

What is Ash Wednesday?

What is the meaning of Lent?


What are the origins of Easter?

Is Easter a pagan holiday?

Should Christians celebrate Easter?

Who was Ishtar, and is there any connection between Ishtar and Easter?

How is the date for Easter determined?

What is the meaning of Easter? What does Easter mean?

Why do we celebrate Easter?

What is the origin of the Easter bunny and Easter eggs?

What is Pascha?

Easter Bible reading plan

Passion Week

What is Passion Week?

What is Palm Sunday?

What is Holy Monday?

What is Holy Tuesday?

What is Spy Wednesday / Holy Wednesday?

What is Tenebrae? What is a Tenebrae service?

What is Maundy Thursday / Holy Thursday?

What is Good Friday / Holy Friday?

What is Holy Saturday?

What is an Easter Vigil? What is Easter Sunday?

What is Easter Monday?


What are the origins of Halloween?

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

What is All Saints' Day?

What is All Souls' Day?

What does the Bible say about ghosts / hauntings?

Is there activity of demonic spirits in the world today?

What does the Bible say about zombies?

What does the Bible say about vampires?

How should a Christian respond to evidence of paranormal activity?

Should a Christian watch scary movies / horror movies?

What does the Bible say about ghost hunting?

Should a Christian go to a haunted house?

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