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Who is the angel Moroni? What was the role of the angel Moroni in the origin of Mormonism?
Who are the Three Nephites in Mormonism? Where are the Three Nephites mentioned in the Book of Mormon?
What is the Journal of Discourses? How important is the Journal of Discourses in Mormonism?
What is the New Apostolic Reformation? Are apostles and prophets supposed to have authority over evangelists, pastors, and teachers in the church ...
What is the Urantia book? Who was W.S. Sadler? What is the Urantia foundation?
What is animism? What are the core beliefs of animism? What world religions are animistic in their practices?
Witnessing to Mormons - what is the key? How can I lead a Mormon to faith in the true Jesus Christ?
What is the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC)? Is the International House of Prayer a cult? What are the beliefs/practices of IHOP?
How to get to heaven - what are the ideas from the different religions? What are the core beliefs within each religion about how to get into heaven?
What is a prayer cloth? What is the origin of the prayer cloth? Is there any power in a prayer cloth?
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