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What is the oldest religion? Is the religion described in the early chapters of Genesis the oldest religion?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/oldest-religion.html
What is the sun of righteousness (Malachi 4:2)? What did the Prophet Malachi mean when he spoke of the sun of righteousness?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/sun-of-righteousness.html
What is a leap of faith? Is believe in God a leap of faith? Is trust in Christ a leap of faith?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/leap-of-faith.html
Do animals sin? Animals are definitely impacted by sin, but do animals themselves actually commit sins?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/do-animals-sin.html
Should a Christian be opposed to globalization? Why are many people in the world so hostile towards globalization?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/Christian-globalization.html
Who were the Anakim / Anakites? Were the Anakim related to the Nephilim? Was Goliath a descendant of the Anakim?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/Anakim.html
What is progressivism? Should Christians be progressive? What does the Bible say about progress?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/progressivism.html
What does the Bible say about conceit? What does the Bible say about being conceited? How is conceit related to pride?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-conceit.html
What is PETA? Can a Christian support PETA? What is the biblical perspective on animal rights?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/PETA-Christian.html
What is social ethics? To what extent should the views of current society affect your ethics?
URL: https://www.gotquestions.org/social-ethics.html
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