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How can God be good if He drowned babies in Noah’s flood? God killed children in the flood. Doesn’t that make Him evil?
What is the Ontological argument for the existence of God? Can God’s existence be proven? Why should I believe that God exists?
Is it really true that all things are possible with God? Through God, is it truly possible that I could do anything?
What is the difference between the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s omnipresence? What is the meaning of manifest presence?
Can faith change God’s plan? If God responds to our faith, does that mean our faith impacts God’s plan?
What is the meaning of “the eyes of the Lord” in the Bible? Since God does not literally have eyes, what does “the eyes of the Lord” refer to?
Who is Allah? What is the origin of belief in Allah? Is Allah the same God as Yahweh?
Do faith in God and science contradict? Are faith in God and science mutually exclusive? Are faith and science compatible?
What is foreknowledge in the Bible? What does God have foreknowledge of, according to the Bible?
What is “The Secret”? What is the law of attraction? Can we change our life by the power of positive thinking?
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