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Is belief in the Great Architect of the Universe the same thing as belief in the God of the Bible? What do Free Masons mean when they say they bel...
Is belief in God a virus? Is belief in God and/or adherence to religion in any way relatable to a virus?
What does it mean to love God? Is loving God an emotion or a decision, or both?
What does it mean that God looks at the heart? What is the meaning of 1 Samuel 16:7? Why was David God’s choice instead of one of David’s brothers?
Does God sometimes use evil to accomplish His plans (Habakkuk 1:5-11)? How can a holy God use evil to accomplish His will?
What does it mean to glorify God? When is God glorified through my life?
Why did Jesus say, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Did God forsake Jesus? Why did Jesus feel forsaken and abandoned while He was on th...
Why does God allow the innocent to suffer? I don’t understand why God allows the innocent to be hurt.
Does God pursue us? What does it mean that God pursues us? What does it mean to be pursued by God?
Is it wrong to question God? Does God get angry when we question Him?
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