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Since Adam and Eve, before the fall, had no knowledge of good and evil, how could they be punished for eating the fruit? Since they did not know w...
Why did God use a lying spirit to deceive Ahab? How could God, who is holy, use a lying spirit to accomplish His purposes?
Doubting God - how can I overcome doubt in my relationship with God? Does God understand when/if we doubt Him?
Can God sin? If God cannot sin, is He truly omnipotent? Is it not possible for God to sin, or is it His decision not to sin?
What do LORD, GOD, Lord, God, etc., stand for in the Bible? Why are they used in place of God’s name? Why not just use the actual name of God?
Why did God choose me? What purpose did God have in choosing me? Do I have a choice in regards to whether I am chosen?
How did God use dreams and visions in the Bible? Why did God choose to communicate through dream and visions, as recorded in the Bible?
What is the biblical understanding of the wrath of God? Why is God wrathful? How can God have wrath and love at the same time?
What does it mean that humanity is made in the image of God (imago dei)? Why did God create us in His own image and likeness?
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