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What is death of God theology? Why did Fredrich Nietzsche argue that God is dead? How should Christians respond to death of God theology?
How can I get to know God better? What does it mean to know God? How can I know and understand who God is?
If God is omnipresent, then what is special about being in the presence of God? aren’t we always in the presence of God if God is everywhere?
What can I do when I don’t feel any love for God? Is love for God supposed to be something you can feel?
Why does Hagar call God “the God Who Sees”? What is the meaning of Genesis 16:13?
Is God selfish? Why does the Bible ascribe some attributes and actions to God that appear to us to be selfishness?
What did God create on the sixth day of creation? Is what is described as happening on the sixth day of creation to be understood literally?
What is the Church of Almighty God? What is Eastern Lightning? Who are Yang Xiangbin and Zhao Weishan?
Is it biblical to refer to God as God the mother? Is God a woman? Is God both father and mother? Does God have both masculine and feminine traits?
What does it mean that love is of God? What is the meaning of 1 John 4:7?
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