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Does God love me? How can I know that God loves me personally? What if I don’t feel loved by God?
Why won’t God heal amputees? Is the fact the amputees are not healed evidence that prayer is worthless and/or that God does not exist?
Since God is not male, should we stop using masculine pronouns to refer to God? Should we stop referring to God as He since He is not male?
Why did God create me? Why did God make me? Why did God create me personally?
Is belief in God a delusion? Is there any truth to Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion?
Will God ever give up on me? Is there anything that could cause the Holy Spirit to depart from a believer?
How do I hear from God? I want to hear from God. Why can’t I hear God speaking to me?
Is it wrong to blame God? Is blaming God a sin? Why does God seem to be blamed for so many things? Does God understand when we blame Him?
What does God say about me? What is God’s view of me? What does God think about me?
How can I learn to trust that God is in control? What does it mean that God is in control?
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