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What is the second death? What does the Book of Revelation mean when it refers to the second death?
Was some of Proverbs copied from the Instruction of Amenemope? Was all or some of Proverbs 22:17-24:22 copied from the Instruction of Amenemope?
Who was John Bunyan? What is John Bunyan most known for? What led John Bunyan to write Pilgrim’s Progress?
What is source criticism? Is source criticism a valid way to approach the Bible? What presuppositions are there behind source criticism?
Who is Habakkuk in the Bible? What can we learn from what the Bible says about the prophet Habakkuk?
What does the word bible mean? What is the meaning and origin of the word bible?
Is it possible that more books could be added to the Bible? Are there any books missing from the Bible?
What are the penitential psalms? What is the purpose of the penitential psalms? Which psalms are considered penitential?
What is Renovaré / the Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible / the Life with God Bible? Why is Renovaré movement and philosophy so dangerous?
What is the importance of the land of Uz in the Bible? Where exactly was the land of Uz that is mentioned in the book of Job?
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