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Where did the Bible come from? How did we get the Bible? How and when was the Bible put together?
What is the Apocalypse of Baruch? Should the Apocalypse of Baruch be in the Bible? Was the Apocalypse of Baruch truly written by Jeremiah’s scribe...
Who were Ratramnus and Radbertus? What role did Ratramnus and Radbertus have in the debate over the presence of Jesus in the Lord’s Supper?
What does it mean that the Shulammite had dark skin (Song of Solomon 1:6)? Was the Shulammite of African descent, or was she darkened by the sun?
When did Job live? When did the events in the book of Job occur in relationship to the rest of the Old Testament?
Is there an angel named Ariel in the Bible? Where does the idea of an angel named Ariel come from?
Is God evil? Is the Bible evil? Is the God of the Bible a vindictive, revengeful mass-murderer as claims He is?
What is the significance of Sardis in the Bible? What does the book of Revelation say about the city of Sardis?
Can you give me a basic timeline of the Bible? How can a timeline of all the books of the Bible be organized?
Is there an angel named Phanuel in the Bible? Where does the idea of an angel named Phanuel come from?
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