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04/04/14 - How can you believe in salvation by faith alone when the only occurrence of ‘faith alone’ in the Bible (James 2:24) says that salvation is not by faith alone?

04/11/14 - What is true religion?

04/18/14 - Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important?

04/25/14 - Did Jesus go to hell between His death and resurrection?

05/02/14 - Why pray?

05/09/14 - How can it be said that we have everlasting life when we still die?

05/16/14 - What is the greatest commandment?

05/23/14 - What is the Cosmological argument for the existence of God?

05/30/14 - Why did God command Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?

06/06/14 - What things in this world have a true eternal value?

06/13/14 - What are the heavenly crowns that believers can receive in Heaven?

06/20/14 - Can a Christian lose salvation?

06/27/14 - What does the Bible say about angels?

07/04/14 - How should a Christian respond to unanswered prayer?

07/11/14 - What is Israel's role in the end times?

07/18/14 - What are some modern forms of idolatry?

07/25/14 - What is the Gap Theory? Did anything happen between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?

08/01/14 - Is gluttony a sin? What does the Bible say about overeating?

08/08/14 - Christian martyrdom - what does the Bible say? Should Christians desire to become martyrs?

08/15/14 - If a Christian commits suicide, is he/she still saved?

08/22/14 - How can I experience joy in my Christian life?

08/29/14 - Since God withholds forgiveness, can we?

09/05/14 - How can I know how to properly worship God?

09/12/14 - Why does God allow evil?

09/19/14 - What age will everyone be in Heaven?

09/26/14 - Is the Bible truly God's Word?

10/03/14 - What does the Bible say about pandemic diseases/sicknesses?

10/10/14 - What does the Bible say about euthanasia / assisted suicide?

10/17/14 - Is Jesus going to return during the blood-red moon of 2015?

10/31/14 - What does the Bible say about ghosts / hauntings?

11/07/14 - Should a Christian be a Republican or a Democrat? Should a Christian be a conservative or a liberal/progressive?

11/14/14 - What does the Bible say about illegal immigration?

11/21/14 - What does the Bible say about thankfulness/gratitude?

11/28/14 - What is Advent?

12/05/14 - What does the Bible say about racism, prejudice, and discrimination?

12/12/14 - Was Jesus born on December 25? Is December 25 Jesus' birthday?

12/19/14 - Questions about Christmas

01/01/15 - What sort of New Year’s Resolution should a Christian make?

01/09/15 - Why should we read the Bible / study the Bible?

01/16/15 - What is the heart?

01/23/14 - Why is church attendance / going to church important?

01/30/15 - How should a Christian view environmentalism?

02/06/15 - What does it mean that God is love?

02/13/15 - What should be the Christian view of romance?

02/20/15 - What is the meaning of Lent?

02/27/15 - Does God love me?

03/06/15 - What was the meaning and purpose of Jesus' temptations?

03/13/15 - What are the different names of God and what do they mean?

03/20/15 - Why is the truth of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ so important?

03/27/15 - What is Palm Sunday? and What is Passion Week / Holy Week?

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